History of Mulligan Printing

Charles Mulligan

Mulligan Printing Corp. began as a dream many years ago in the heart of a young journeyman printer. Focused and determined, he graduated from R.I.T. in 1962 with a degree in printing and set out to get the management experience he needed. In 1976 he and his wife launched into business; with his first publication of 5,000 copies. The Tunkhannock Area Penny$aver was a new enterprise in the area. Today it is referred to as Mulligan’s Penny$aver, distributing copies to every home in the county, as well as parts of Bradford and Lackawanna Counties. In 1977, at the request of many Susquehanna County businesses, Mulligan’s Shopping Guide was started; and that same year, Mulligan Printing Corporation was established.

There are many stories of the early years that emphasize the contributions of our dedicated employees both past and present, who have worked long hours and given of their efforts and varied talents to our business and our community. We have employees who can still remember collating papers in the kitchen of the Mulligan home for $5 and a dish of ice cream each week! We owe a debt of gratitude to those who unselfishly labored way into the night and early morning hours to meet deadlines against all odds; and to our children as well.

Mulligan Printing has been a family endeavor throughout the years. The first issues were put together in the family kitchen using an IBM Selectric III typewriter and cut outs for graphics. From there we moved on to typesetting machines and clip art; and eventually to computer generated graphic design which we now print directly to plate. Blessings from God, long hours and hard work sprinkled with humor and determination were the forces that fueled the growth. The Mulligan Family, including Charlie & Jeanne, and children: Kimberly, Ellen, David, Charlie and Frank spent the beginning years learning and growing the company. The dedication of all our employees is invaluable to the success of Mulligan Printing Corp.

Today there are three generations of Mulligans in the business. We continue to keep the family values upon which Mulligan Printing was established and has prospered over the years.

Charles Mulligan Memorial
Internship Program for Graphic Designers

Charles Mulligan made many contributions to the industry, the community, his friends and family, and his employees throughout his life. His integrity, wealth of knowledge, and generosity touched all those around him and his legacy and values continue at Mulligan Printing Corp.

The Charles Mulligan Memorial Internship Program was created in honor of Charles and offers internship opportunities to students enrolled in an accredited College or Vocational School and majoring in Graphic Design. If you are interested in learning more about the intership program, please visit the Mid-Atlantic Community Papers Association (MACPA) website.